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Rare goods are prized by valuable tourists and high salary expats

Heading 3

Extraordinary property

View on Stephan's platz, Castle in the wood, directly on the lake...

Well furnished

We can help with that. Where to shop , do's and don'ts

More & better guests

Valuable guests looking for better services

Airbnb PLUS/LUX, what does that mean? (for you).

If your apartment or house meets the requirements, Airbnb will offer you the possibility to enter the program AirbnbPLUS/LUX.

This means you get a much better a seeable place on their web site. 

Plus people looking for this kind of place , the ones that are willing to spend more will only have a look on the selected AirbnbPLUS.

On chance for you to Raise the nightly income to the maximum!

We are looking for old historic houses, room in a museum, a windmill, a castle, an architect flat looking over the landscape...

If you have this rare properties then it's time to make it profitable with the sharing economy

Extraordinary property

Having the right place is good but it needs the furnitures your VIP are waiting for.

Invest in sturdy design furnitures will attract the most crowd and give them the feeling that they made the right choice

Well furnished

Now your home becomes the destination

With us make your home a special place with no effort

More & better guests

Here are some example of extraordinary properties around the world airbnblux